1. Overview

    The services described in the economic proposal includes collection and delivery, provided it can be done, one way or another, by one person, is conducted at street level and duration not exceeding five minutes


    business day Monday is considered to Friday, excluding holidays. Services will be held Monday through Friday at agreed times as the contracted service.

    A 50% surcharge to the price of postage for night on the services requested from 19.30 shall apply., Or requested before but to be made from 20.00 h., Except for those services fixed or special character, agreed between GLS and the customer, prior to the start of the service.

  3. SYSTEM collection and delivery:


      The collected shall be made until 20:00 pm in Madrid and until 18:00 in People. Non-fixed collected, prior telephone call should be made, with a minimum of 2 hours before departure and will be charged in the case of stocks, mileage return to Madrid at the rate of 0,42 € / km.

      1. Gathered in provincial capitals and towns with delegations from GLS:

        These collections may apply only until 14.00 pm the same day of application.

      2. Gathered in populations without delegation GLS:

        These collections must be requested the previous day before 20.00 h.

        In the case of making the collection the same day the application, these collected only may request until 12.00 h., After notifying in writing the client and additional fees charged plus mileage back and forth to the capital of the province at the rate of 0.42 € / km.


      The merchandise must be in the delegation, together with all relevant shipment documentation before 17.00 h, to thereby allow the proper processing and output on the same day.

      In the case of requesting a time slot for a pickup, it will have an extra cost.

    4. Saturday delivery:

      The special Saturday delivery service in capital during the morning will be held. charged 50% of the rate applied to the client will apply. If delivery should be made in currencies other than the capital of the province population, they kilometers round trip price of 0.43 € / km plus 50% surcharge will be charged.

      To carry out this service must expressly request the Collection Service GLS calls and indicate on the waybill collection. To correctly identify this statement must indicate the packet by label.

      Failure to follow the outlined steps, the shipment is processed with normal operations Monday delivery


      The collection of shipments under these arrangements will be validated on the platform of GLS by telematic check shipments, having the manifest collecting customer valid until confirmation platform GLS occur.

  4. SERVICES cash on delivery

    collection management:should be clearly specified instruction delivered with collection management on arrival at the packing list collection, not accepting claims for this item if these instructions were specified in an unclear way ( intended only communicated in the package or envelope).

    will be charged for this item 5% of the redemption proceeds with a minimum of 3.61 € (600 Ptas.).

    CHARGING THE RECIPIENT:otherwise than cash shall not be permitted, unless expressly and in writing the client authorizes GLS to charge these services by check to the client sender . In any case these services may be paid by check for GLS.

    SETTLEMENTS:Once a week, we will make the settlement of all refunds delivered and collected by issuing a detailed list of all of them, with the sum of the total amount and attaching a personal check in your favor for that amount and for nominative customer checks issued by the recipients.


    GLS will not perform shipments for which it is necessary to advance a sum of money. If specified should consult the Commercial Department to continue operating GLS and the price of these services.

  6. PESO AND rightsizing

    goods are accepted up to 50 kgs / bag without limit expedition. In case of forming the expedition a large number of packages the goods shall be separated properly packed for shipment destinations this is palletized and / or strapped.

    System rightsizing for shipments whose volume exceeds an equivalent weight of 333 kg / m3 (Length x Width x Height / 4000), to be detailed in its financial offer will apply.

    If the dimensional weight is greater than the real, will be the volume of which is allocated for the purpose of rate.

    The sum of the three dimensions is not more than 2.5 meter dimension being the greatest dimension 1.5 meters


    If the recipient is absent the first delivery attempt, the dealer will leave a notice of passage, with all the details of the expedition, consigning the phone destination of our delegation, to facilitate the delivery in a second attempt. In this case the second delivery will be free of charge.

    If delivery does not occur for reasons not attributable to GLS: incomplete or wrong address, refusal of the goods by the recipient, non-payment of amounts from transport (freight, insurance, taxes, refunds), the second attempt delivery price specified in the economic proposal for 2nd delivery will apply.


    If as a result of the absence of ongoing recipient or in cases of refused goods, or be the unknown recipient, incorrect address, etc., but has been unable to resolve the issue with the efforts of GLS or sender, will proceed to the return to origin of the expedition.

    For these purposes within 7 days of stay is set to target our delegation. After this period without solution of incidence, it will proceed to return to sender.

    A returned shipments will apply the fee detailed in the economic proposal.


    The high-value shipments or commercial destined for the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra require departure Unified Customs Document and should be sent via fax to the delegation of A.S.M. before 16:30 hours the commercial invoice or pro forma of the goods. (Fax: 91 327 31 85)

    CANARY ISLANDS:Currently, customs regulations require that when the value of the goods exceeds 30 € and up to 150 €, or when despite being the less than 30 € value in question of goods for sale or shipment exceeds 25 kg, a declaration to Customs Low Value will be made.

    For shipments of samples or goods whose value exceeds 150 € a statement of High Value will be made.

    In both cases, for the customs declaration, the shipment must be accompanied by invoice (original and 4 copies), which will trade in the case of goods for sale, and proforma in other cases.

    In the expeditions to and / or from the Canary Islands where the customs office requires the completion of DUA, an amount of 18.75 € will be charged for each DUA that makes, either export or import.

    It also expeditions whose import shipments either input on the peninsula and the Canary Islands, which are subject to the liquidation of duties and taxes (VAT or IGIC) will be increased by the values ​​at all times determine Customs. These amounts shall be paid the consignee of the goods.

    In the event that the recipient of the goods or the refusal to pay the amounts referred to above, will be the sender of the goods who should take care of them.

    In cases where the sender, according to the recipient of your merchandise, want to support the payment of duties and taxes, and the amount thereof exceeds 1,000 €, will make funding for GLS, by that amount and prior to the formalization of customs clearance form.

    CEUTA:Concepts and customs formalities for samples or goods, supplement DUA import and export of 16.53 € / DUA. tax and / or corresponding fee, depending on the type of merchandise and its value (payable by the recipient of the goods) will be applied

    MELILLA:Concepts and customs formalities for samples or goods, supplement DUA import and export of 16.53 € / DUA. tax and / or corresponding fee, depending on the type of merchandise and its value (payable by the recipient of the goods) will be applied

    ANDORRA:Supplement DUA import and export, customs procedures and concepts for sample / goods plus tax and / or corresponding fee. In all cases the supplements referred to in this section ANDORRA will depend on the type of merchandise and its value (supplement to be paid by the recipient).

  10. Billing and Collection

    is produced monthly by invoice summary, we are ready to facilitate billing computerized spreadsheet.

    Payment of bills by direct debit must occur within 30 days from invoice date, although we are open to other means and financial instruments


    The prices do not include I.V.A. economic proposal or other taxes in force, customs charges and / or management or any other rights caused by the effects generated as a result of transport, nor the amount of insurance. This will be subject to impact invoice.



    GLS complements the provisions of the LOTT and its implementing regulation, and sets its responsibility in a maximum compensation of € 18.03 per kilogram transported up to a limit of € 1,502.53 per shipment. To this effect, on the price of postage will be charged 8% with a minimum of € 0.84 per shipment


  2. Insurance LOTT:

    The merchandise is be covered under the liability regime of the carrier provided in the LOTT, for any sinister type: theft, loss, damage, breakdowns, etc. the replacement value of the goods transported up to 4.50 Euros per kilogram transported be indemnified


    The customer may request GLS, hiring insurance to cover the replacement value of the goods or damage they may suffer, until the total declared them prior to carrying out transmission character value. Such explicit declaration of the value and content of the insured goods, must be made by fax or email to GLS., In the standard format of GLS.

    The coverage amounts up to 12.000,00 € For shipments of higher value request approval Customer Care Department with a minimum 24 hours.

    The price of this insurance is: (. 140 properties) cargo NORMALIZADAS 1% of the declared value, with a minimum of 0.84 Euros; Special GOODS: Mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, jewelry, especially valuable or fragile objects (made of glass or the like, mirrors, glassware, etc) 2% of the declared value, with a minimum of 0.84 Euros ( 140 Ptas.).


    MERCHANDISE uninsurable under this type of insurance:
     Here are exemplary and not exhaustive form a relationship of goods can not be ensured:
    • Documents, original writings and photocopies of any kind.
    • goods with inadequate packaging or packaging.
    • Business Muestrarios.
    • Press in all its varieties.
    • damaged or returned to origin goods.
    • Metallic, commercial or bank effects, titles and coupons of securities, banknotes.
    • lotteries, airline tickets, train, etc.
    • Bank cards, pre-paid phone cards and documents that have a nominal value or agreed.
    • Jewelry, fine metals, precious stones, real pearls.

    CLAUSE DESCABALAMIENTO: When an incident occurs at some object that is part of a group, set or collection, the amount payable by the insurer will be limited exclusively to the value of the piece in question without any amount can be claimed demerit or descabalamiento.


    In cases of force majeure or acts of God, nature or vice of things and in the case of insufficient packaging shall be borne by the customer's risk, but in no case can claim against GLS damage or impairments experienced by the packages and / or its contents during transportation, or delay in delivery suffering and damages resulting from all this, Art. 361 C.Com.

    In case of delay in delivery of a shipment, the specific time of delivery to the addressee had agreed prior to carrying out transmission character, for reasons attributable solely to the negligence of the carrier's liability is limited to the amount of said service.

    No breach of delivery period shall be considered caused by the absence of the recipient, change of address, consignee or unknown address, default delivery charges or refunds, Annual closing, late deliveries second delivery attempt, due out majeure or other non-charged GLS. Excluded from this warranty goods shipped to collect" at home or at destination stores GLS.